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Red Meat and Cancer

Just a short blog on some new data that was recently presented at the American Association for Cancer Research conference. A study involving 50,000 people for the past 12 years indicated that individuals consuming diets higher in red meat and processed meat had a 25% higher incidence of liver and gastrointestinal cancers. This is consistent with prior studies which have shown higher cancer and heart disease risks with red meat and processed meats. Eating a cup of vegetables daily lowered risk of cancer by 20%.

This continues to confirm the importance of a plant based diet when looking to increase longevity and decreasing risk of disease. As with everything, moderation is key. Diets which have been popular over the past several years focusing on animal protein and lower carbs and vegetables may be beneficial for quick weight loss, but really have no place in a long-term healthy lifestyle plans.

Ultra Wellness Medical will offer full spectrum micronutrient testing to determine specific deficiencies in vitamins, minerals, amino acids and work to adjust diet along with supplements to optimize these levels.