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Cancer Blood Test

Galleri Cancer Blood Test

A Simple Blood Test to Detect Cancer

The struggle in the treatment of cancer and improving survival and remission has always been the ability to detect the presence of cancer at an early stage when it is more isolated and amenable to treatment. Unfortunately, in many cases, it is not until cancer is more advanced that actual symptoms might be present prompting individuals to seek care. Until recently, we have not had a way to really detect cancer at an early stage with a simple blood draw.

Advances in genetic testing and cancer cell DNA markers continue to evolve and the ability to detect 50 different types of cancer from a simple blood draw is now available. The Multi-Cancer Early Detection Test is somewhat like a "liquid biopsy" that can detect the presence of cancer cells in the blood at an early state, allowing patients to undergo further imaging and evaluation with the goal of detecting cancer at a more treatable and early / curable stage. With impressive numbers like a 0.5% false positive rate and specificity of 76.3%, this type of testing will hopefully continue to improve and become a routine screening test for patients on a regular basis.

At Ultra Wellness Medical, we are excited to offer this testing to our members at our cost and to non-members wishing to get this testing for a small administration / draw fee.