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Long Term Weight Loss

It's estimated that over 80% of the population in America is metabolically unhealthy. In general, this term refers to a diet, weight, waist circumference, or lab values that make an individual at higher risk over time to things like diabetes, heart disease, stroke, etc. Obesity and being "metabolically unhealthy" is probably the single most important factor that must be addressed if we want to live healthier lives and prevent disease and increase longevity (healthy years as we age that we stay active). I can relate to this on a personal note, having issues myself with obesity in high school and in my early college years. I can recall being in high school seeing my primary care doctor and being told my blood pressure was high, feeling in general a lack of energy, and frequent headaches all at an age of 18. It wasn't until around age 22 that during a Summer internship, I said enough is enough and made a major lifestyle change - eventually losing almost 100 pounds and exercising regularly. At that time, I had little knowledge of nutrition, but I knew that Mountain Dew, Doritos, and a steady diet of pizza were not healthy. I basically gave up all sugar, not really knowing at the time what we now know about the dangers and addictive nature that this substance has.

I share this story because I can relate first hand to the difficulties and struggles that many people have when it comes to obesity and overcoming the addictive nature that food can have in our lives. Working to help people navigate healthy lifestyles and weight loss in order to improve their quality of life will be a big component of what we do day to day at Ultra Wellness Medical. My goal is to help patients in their journey with weight loss by providing nutritional counseling, support, some accountability when needed, and effective prescription and nutritional supplements to help get on a long term plan of health. This is all done with a desire to help and not judge, meeting people at their level and always encouraging. We will offer these services to members and also on a consultation basis to non-members.