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Hormone Optimization

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Hormone Optimization for Men and Women

As we age, hormone levels such as testosterone in both men and women, along with estrogen and progesterone in women decline. These changes often begin as early as 30 years of age with symptoms such as fatigue, decreased energy, diminished focus or sometimes a feeling of "brain fog" present, increased obesity, decreased muscle mass, slower metabolism, hot flashes, moodiness, and decreased libido being some of the symptoms both men and women may experience.

If we view aging and getting older as simply a process that takes place in which we have no control, then we are left to the mercy of our genes, environment, and must be content to let whatever will happen take place. However, over the past few years, more research has shown that aging is not something out of our control, and it might be looked at as more of a disease process which has the ability to be slowed down through healthy lifestyle, exercise, limiting inflammation in our bodies, optimizing our cellular energy, and through optimization of our hormone levels. Ask any woman who has gone through menopause about her experience, and the majority will often relate difficulties ranging from mood changes, hot flush episodes, insomnia, and often some weight gain.

We know that hormone replacement can help improve metabolism, improve mood and energy levels, balance sleep patterns, increase bone and muscle strength, and be beneficial for the heart, vascular system, and the brain. With the use of natural, bioidentical hormones in the form of pellets, there is steady delivery of hormones over time, no risk of blood clotting problems, liver issues, or increased risk of breast or prostate cancers in healthy individuals. This is not the case for synthetic hormones like testosterone injections, oral estrogens, and synthetic progestins.

Find out more if you are a candidate and if hormone pellet optimization is right for you.